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Additional optional charge for assistance creating steps. Your team will need to be be regularly available to answer support questions. We will send you a invoicing link through email.

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Are you an author or expert with online training? Get your students to jump into action and achieve success faster using “smart action steps” demonstrated directly from your existing time-coded video segments, audio or pdf’s. Integrate coaching, support questions and accountability into the steps for easy ongoing updates. Reduce coaching time, give fewer refunds, get raving fans, and a new way to market your training.  

Introducing, Questouch Smart Action Steps.

1) Users may be Asked questions, are then Assigned the right Action Steps

2) Users view video clips for each step, then check them off as they go

3) users can also asks private questions related to each step

4) add additional questions and steps to answer coaching questions to cover every situation or condition for any all users

Some Problems you might be Having with your Training...

Success rate

Get your students focused on taking the right sequential action instead of out of trying to understanding it all. See where they get stuck and send reminders or questions to solve.

high support calls

Instead of fielding the same question or creating duplicate videos, integrate everything into step based training, covering special goals and conditions.

request for refunds

Lower refund requests, and get higher levels of student success.

need additional revenue

Offer Questouch to all or as an
upsell. Or upsell by offering DFY services though outsourcing or smart coaching within the training.

need more sales

Gain new customers. When yours rank your training high for the targeted goal, others will discover and buy your training.

keep training updated

Keep your training current by updating small segments of your training as needed.

Smartly Integrate your support & coaching into your training.

Instead of having separate videos and training handling support questions, improve your content by building the questions and answers into the Smart Steps.  Students as questions related to each step and you provide answers related to any special conditions. This way, your content will always be up to date. Add short new video segments only as needed. You’ll save time supporting others and get higher usability and student success. 


1) signup

Add your module titles.

2) copy existing action steps

Do you already have a list of actions steps related to each module? Simply copy them over.

OR, add steps from videos

Add a login to your course. Then you or Questouch can go through your video course to add all the steps including timestamps.

3) add goals & conditions

Goals and conditions help your students know the steps are for them and are the basis for Smart Steps.

4) Link it all together

Make sure all steps are related to goals, conditions and modules in your course.

5) answer questions by amending your STEPS

You can edit your steps automatically as student questions come in. You can let your user community edit too!

Integrate it into your membership area

test everthing before copying our widget code.

Or put it in a separate section of your website.

let your PAST, Present and future students know

Reactivate, excite and upsell all students

Coming soon:
Give your students a downloadable app to learn and take action.


You'll know where they get stuck

notifications and reminders

A great way to get them going and get support questions.

another marketing avenue

A great feature when marketing your course is the app for accountability, support and coaching.

Privacy and content protection

Only your students can access your protected content.

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Additional optional charge for assistance creating steps. Your team will need to be be regularly available to answer support questions. We will send you a invoicing link through email.

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Steps only training?

They still watch full trainings to understand the big picture and the "why's". Steps gets them taking action.

how field support?

You'll get emails notifying your team of questions with links to our dashboard. Respond to add or edit new conditions and steps.

how much does it cost

It's free for your first month, and $97 for up to 100 students and up to 100 steps. Monthly fee for greater tiers

will steps make my course easier to copy?

Your videos will be as secure as current. We take steps to protect copying of steps.

will steps appear elsewhere?

We encourage you to make introductory steps or modules "public" to appear on Questouch, your website, to market your course.

does this really work?

Research shows that students like checklists, personalization and coaching. We are in beta and gaining more case studies to back this up.

You or your students can easily outsource the work to others as a DFY Service .

Your students (or you) can even have DFY work outsourced to others since the platform provides everything an outsourced worker needs to complete the tasks!  You can make Smart Steps a selling point or a premium feature.  

Add Smart Questions and connect to Excel or Sheets.

You may have worksheets in the form of a PDF. Smart Steps is it’s own checklist for tracking progress.  We’re working on a feature insert responses into cells in Excel or Sheets for additional calculations.  

Amazing Results

“I started working out at home with the Apexgoal app three months ago and I already see amazing results. I follow the workout plan the app designed for me and it works!“
Patricia J.
“I love this app! Super intuitive interface and great workout videos. The best thing about it is that I no longer need to go to the gym. Working out from home is so much better.“
James H.
“I used to go train at the gym for many years, but always got distracted and did not follow any plan. With the app, I’m more focused on my goal and get much better results “
Lora R.

Start today to multiply the effectiveness of your membership or other online training!

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Additional optional charge for assistance creating steps. Your team will need to be be regularly available to answer support questions. We will send you a invoicing link through email.

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